4DOF Motion Simulators

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images / team.jpgMOTION simulators are developed by ELSACO Kolín It is a private Czech company, focused on the development and manufacture of electronic components for industrial automatization. The is a brand of Elsaco Kolín which sells motion platform devices. The range of products include microprocessor based controling devices, compact industrial computers, converters for serial communication, converters for electronics signals, accessories, as well as controlling and regulating systems, including SW. The reliability of our products is proven by hundreds of applications. We provide technical support to all companies, which utilize our components.

fragments from our history:

  • 1990 - Elasco company was born
  • 2009 - we got an idea to make a motion simulator - May 2009
    - first prototype was finshed - September 2009
  • 2010 - we presented the final version of the 4DOF motion simulator at the ModelHoby exhibition in Prague
  • 2013 - we made a strong and durable metal steering wheel and pedals for our simulators
  • 2014 - within 4 years we sold a hundred simulators and started the production of a new generation of simulators
  • 2015 - we manufacture our own strong sequential and H-pattern shifter
  • 2016 - we are building a special version of a flight simulator and also starting experiments with VR
  • 2017 - we have created a truck simulator with a real and sturdy truck seat and a real big truck steering wheel
  • 2019 - we build almost real cockpit for Cessna flight simulator
  • 2021 - we sold over 2 hundred simulators

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