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project history

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The full motion platform development took almost 2 years to reach the pre-serial production stage. A series of problems had to be solved troughout the development. The particular realization of the projects itself is quite a unique solution with regard to the components used and their connections. This would justify a separate article alone. Nonetheless, a big problem was to find a solution that would faciliate clean and quiet operation and also provide adequate load carrying capability and motion dynamics. After a line of experiments, a concept using non-synchonous motors and cogged belt gearing was used. It was neccessary to work out a way to use these electromotors as servo drivers, especially at low RPM settings. In the end, a solution was found using intelligent converters and a specially designed control system. The result is an almost noiseless, compact platform which is able to operate without any special requirements.

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Testing the developmental version of the simulator. The screen is not part of the design and setup is very raw :).

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