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written about us


Ride the trend roller coaster

"Trends come and go. Their popularity goes up and down. And anyone with an Oculus VR Headset and ELSACO Motion Simulator Combine can ‘ride the waves of popularity’ of any trend."



Dit is de race-simulator van je dromen

"Dit is de 4×4 simulator van het Tsjechische bedrijf Motion-Sim."



International Society for Presence Research

Elsaco Kolin’s motion-sim racing platform

"I’m not much of a gamer but I think this Racing Simulator by Motion Sim could cure me!"



Auto World News

Elsaco Racing Simulator Debuts

"Engineers from Elsaco, a company in the Czech Republic, have created a racing simulator like you have never seen before."



Orb VR news

Elsaco’s racing simulator

"Elsaco’s racing simulator lets you drive virtual car with vibrations and G-FORCE"


Take A Look At The Ultimate Racing Simulator

"This racing simulator is made by a Czech company called Elsaco."



Damn Geeky

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Elasco Panoramic racing simulator enthralls crowd at Delhi Auto Expo 2016




"Para aquellos amantes de la velocidad que buscaban un simulador decente y no tan caro como el Cruden Hexatech, les presentamos el 4DOF de la empresa checa Elsaco (propietaria de Motion-Sim)"

"For those lovers seeking a decent speed simulator and not as expensive as the Cruden Hexatech, we present the 4DOF of the Czech company Elsaco (owner of Motion-Sim)"



Games Radar

"This racing simulator costs more than a car but you'll still want it"



Mail Online

"Incredible racing simulator lets you drive a virtual car complete with realistic vibrations, stomach-churning turns and G-FORCE"



Cool Things To Buy For Mens

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"Well, the folks down at ELSACO apparently decided to say “F*ck those console amateurs!”, because they have come up with the coolest video contraption ever, that will make any console army feel about an inch tall!"

web: Cool Things To Buy For


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Wirtualna Polska

On the Polish site Wirtualna Polska published an article about our simulator. The editors look at the places where the compiled simulators, and of course he tried it.

web: WP Tech (PL)


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Game server (Level magazine) did an interview with our chief designer (link). In an interview you can read about the history and future of our project.



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Through the eyes of instructor

Professional driving instructor evaluate our simulator.

Our simulator has already tried many professional and semi-professional racers or people who earn money by driving a car. All were excited about it. Someone compared with more expensive competitors and could not find a difference. Someone immediately ordered a few pieces into his team. One written submissions can be found in our Slovak colleagues, where Martin Bezdek, an instructor of the Tempus Max Cars evaluate our simulator.

web: RRS (SK)


BCMOBIL & TECHBOX (5-6/2011)

Editor of the magazine BCMOBIL & TECHBOX had a chance to test our simulator for real. He wrote about an article he called ”True hell behind the wheel“ and which appeared in the BCMOBIL & TECHBOX 5-6/2011. All prepaid (also new) received from the editors present - a free ride in our simulator for our Slovak colleagues. So enjoy it! And how test of simulator ended up? You can (by courtesy of the author) read the article hereThis award may indicate something.

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web: BCMOBIL & TECHBOX (5-6/2011)


TVN Gadżet

The performance of our simulator in Zbyszek Urbański's program (TVN Turbo). The recording took place March 16, 2011 in our Polish colleagues ( and how Zbyszek says at the beginning of the videos: ”We had different simulators in our program, but such is not!“

web: TVN Gadżet - 16,3,2011


TA3 - May 2011

TA3 news television provides daily information on current events, news and innovations. In May, part of his program ”The World of Technology“ is devoted to gaming technology.  Editor moderated the program from the seat of our simulator. Since 9 minute video is devoted to simulators from the very simple (keyboard) to the most sophisticated, among which include our simulator, which editor can verify.

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CARS - May 2011

In CARS magazine is written about our simulator ( as about technological master-stroke. We can only agree, it also praised the quality of the simulator for several professional racers.

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web: - CARS May 2011 - 11.3.2010

Editor from server some time ago discovered a video of our simulator, which inspired him to writing a short article. Now they have nice photo gallery on this server. Enjoy!

images /

web: TechBox - 11.3.2010 (SK) - 12/2010

Our simulator passed the test of French gaming site And as you write: what was 10 years ago just an illusion, is now becoming a reality. Simulator (in France under the name GTR-600) editors wowed faithful simulation of the forces.

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web: PS3 GEN - 12/2010 (FR)


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