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4DOF Extreme 4x4 / real truck simulator 

images / SIM-4x4-3M-predni_800.jpg images / SIM-4x4-3M-zadni_800.jpg


images / VRready.pngfeatures:

  • 4 moving legs
  • 3 x 27" FullHD LED displays with panoramic view (or 3 x 27" QHD gaming LED displays)
  • 5.1 sound system
  • real Truck seat with air suspension, cooling and heating systems
  • real Truck steering wheel
  • real Truck H-pattern manual gear shifter
  • Elsaco based Truck pedals
  • static overload (G-force) = up to 0.5G
  • dynamic overload (G-force) = up to 2G
  • VR ready




Extended car model with 4 moving legs, 3 x 27" FullHD LED displays with panoramic wiew, 5.1 sound system, real truck seat with air suspension, and also with cooling and heating systems, real big truck high strength force feedback steering wheel, 3 special truck's pedals (accelerate, brake and clutch) with a real braking characteristic, real truck manual H-pattern shifting gearbox with a high/low splitter and a range switch.

Recomended for a real truck simulation.

images / GF2G..png

Simulator gets data about position of car, speed, G-force, etc. from a game and moves a cockpit using these data. You feel a sensation like in a real car - inclination in curves, vibrations from a terrain or tarmac, G-force during acceleration, braking or cornering up to 2G.

Simulator was prepared in cooperation with professional truck drivers and with a the best truck simulator developer - SCS software company and it is prepared for use with Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator (by SCS software).


basic dimensions of the simulator:



  • Operation conditions - normal, dry, indoor space
  • Ambient temperature +10 ÷ +30°C
  • Power Voltage 230 V ± 10% / 50 Hz
  • Maximum current 16 A
  • Maximum (peak) consumption 3,35 kW
  • Mean consumption (motion on) 1000 ÷ 1400 W
  • Mean consumption (motion off) 400 W
  • Leakage protected earth current 7 mA typ., 20 mA max.
  • Maximum load (cockpit total): 300 kg
  • Maximum load (person in the cockpit): 120 kg
  • Overal weight 350 kg
  • Operation dimmensions L x W - 1620 x 1790 mm
  • Transport dimmensions L x W - 1620 x 1380 mm
  • Height (cockpit in bottom position) 1670 mm
  • Maximum height (in motion) 2320 mm
  • Minimum safety circle diameter 2500 mm


basic operation:

Basic operations - Central on and off, control power supply and the emergency shutdown.


technical data:

Roll ±29.9°, velocity 57°/s, acceleration up to 500°/s2

Pitch +31.4° / -31.1°, velocity 66°/s, acceleration up to 500°/s2

Yaw ±29.2°, velocity 65°/s, acceleration up to 500°/s2
Heave 480mm, velocity 435mm/s, acceleration up to 5 m/s2




We offer the warranty for 1 year or 1000 drive-on hours, whichever comes first.






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