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VR ready 4DOF Motion simulators

are ready to use with a VR headsets especially Oculus Rift CV1 or HTC VIVE.

The basic problem of motion simulators is, that movement of simulator (cockpit) is recognized also in
VR headset, because most of VR headsets (especialy Oculus Rift CV1) are using sensitive gyroscopic
sensors inside a headset and detect any motions including motion of simulator. At this moment
happen a problem, that cockpit movement is transported into a virtual scenery and game do not have
any information about a difference between head movement (must be transported into game virtual
scene) and cockpit movement (must not be transported into game virtual scene).

We have done a solution for that by a special software bridge between VR headset and game using a
data of cockpit position/movement for correction of movement in virtual scene.

VR ready simulator's PC hardware passed recommended hardware specification for Oculus Rift CV1
and other VR devices like HTC VIVE, etc.

VR ready simulators have also special outputs for VR devices including HDMI output for VR headset and 3 x USB 3.0 ports for VR device
accessories (positional tracking camera, headset power supply, etc.).

Our software automatically detect connected VR headset and switch a preset profile to
VR mode and also start a movement correction functions.

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